Top Styles of Hangers and Their Uses in Retail

1 Plastic Hangers

Commercial plastic hangers are generally available in white, black or clear plastic. The quality will run from lightweight, almost flimsy, plastic to the super heavyweight unbreakable hangers. Plastic hangers work well as an all-purpose hanger. These are generally used for shirts, blouses, and dresses.

2 Wire Hangers

Metal, or wire, hangers will also vary in quality. The most inexpensive, lightweight metal clothes hangers are the type you may receive with your dry cleaning. Heavier metal hangers won’t bend or sag and are great for stores with a more contemporary look. Because wire can rust, some wire clothing hangers are coated in coloured vinyl to protect fabric.

3 Wooden Hangers

Classic wood hangers are available in a natural finish with chrome hardware or the higher end teak wood with brass hardware. Wood hanger styles include coat hangers with or without wooden bars, hangers with metal rods or lock bars on a spring to prevent pants from sliding.

4 Tubular Hangers

All-purpose tubular moulded hangers are the type also available to consumers and found in many homes. They come in a large variety of colours. Using coloured hangers may increase sales appeal.

5 Padded Hangers

Not only does a cloth covered hanger protect delicate garments, the padded hanger is usually covered with satin and therefore a pretty way to display lingerie or other clothing. The padding helps to prevent slipping and assists in preserving the shape of the garment.

6 Speciality Hangers

Retailers have many choices in hanger styles for unusual garments or non-typical situations. Notched hangers are perfect for items with straps. Skirt/slacks hangers have metal or plastic clips on a metal rod which prevent sliding. Another type of speciality hanger is the salesmans hanger. These strong, chrome hangers feature a space-saving style and are ideal for trade-shows or salespeople transporting garments.

7 Hanger Accessories

Hanger markers, cardboard tubes and other hanger accessories help retailers keep their merchandise neat and tidy while creating an appealing display. Instead of purchasing different types of speciality hangers, piggyback connectors can be used on most any hanger to allow two garments to be displayed together. Soft plastic clips can attach easily to most hangers with notched tops. Also, foam hanger covers or strips can be placed on most any plastic or wooden hanger to prevent items from slipping.
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